Pittsburgh Pirates Broadcasters On-Air Endorsements

Spending a lot of time at the ballpark can lead to many connections and even better friendships. Lucky to call these four men, and many more from the Pittsburgh area, major mentors of Suzie’s throughout her broadcasting journey. Here are just a couple of nice things that these wonderful people have said about her on the air, and she couldn’t be more thankful that they take the time to do so.


First All-Female Broadcasting Booth in Professional Baseball

Back in the fall of 2018, Suzie had some big plans to make some big changes. Going into the 2019 season she didn’t know just how big those changes would change her life by becoming a part of the first all-female broadcasting booth in professional baseball.

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First Female Broadcaster in Carolina League History

Where there is risk there is a reward. Taking a chance, Suzie became the first female broadcaster in Carolina League History…May 4th, 2018 to be exact. A thrill and a challenge all in one. Here are a few links to articles and news stories that highlight her first season up in the booth.

Salem Red Sox Press Release

WFXR pre-broadcast highlight

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Turn A Pair Baseball Podcast

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Hidden Heroes Writeup

Before life had taken Suzie down south to Salem, Virginia…a wonderful woman named Joy Frank-Collins took a chance at writing up a wonderful piece about her life and  broadcasting journey. Here’s the link and a small thank you to Joy to how wonderfully she portrayed Suzie throughout the entirety of the article.

Pittsburgh Pirates Ball Girl, Hidden Hero